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Prayer for Restoration

May 4, 2017

Have you ever thought about becoming a completely whole person? ...Whole like fully restored? ...Restored as in made new? ....So have you? When I say becoming new what exactly do I mean? Well..... have you ever felt like you were floating on clouds and nothing can bring you down? Not one thing.... As if you were invincible!


Well, look at this leaf here before it was weathered, whether naturally or by a person, it was a whole leaf. It's symbolic that it looks like a heart.

(I had to stop and take a picture of it when I saw this heart shaped leaf)






Isn't this what our hearts look like sometimes.... Just beaten up and left there on the ground? Well, that's no more!... It's time for totally healing of your heart and mind! I want you to read this prayer out loud or to yourself but do it with boldness and have faith that these things will come to pass.

Father God I come to you humbly as I know how with my hands in surrender to You. I am broken without You and I need You. I come to you now asking for forgiveness​ of any wrongdoings that I may have done. I want to be fully restored in You. You are a loving Father that takes me as I am and molds me into the place I need to be. Lord, I ask you to restore my spirit by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me.... Not only as my Comforter but as my Advocate in this prayer and in my life. Restore my soul by the renewing of my mind... Change the way I think. Take any impure thoughts that I have and cast them away. In the Name Of Jesus! I declare victory over my mind! Restore my heart with Your unconditional love. Surround me with loving people that truly care for me. Guide me in Your ways, Oh Lord. Restore my body. I decree and declare a healthy body ...from the crown of my head to the sole of feet! Hallelujah!! Cleanse this flesh. Your Will be done in my life! Show me how to present my body inwardly and outwardly acceptable onto You. I thank You in advance, Father God! I praise your Holy Name! Cover me with your grace. In Jesus'Name I pray. Amen.


Just remember you never have a bad day; just bad experiences that you can learn from!


Have a blessed week!


Song to listen to:

"I Give Myself Away" by William McDowell

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